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Charles and Liesl Moldow

“My wife and I have purchased and sold many homes over the years, most recently in the Martis Camp development at Northstar, at the Santa Lucia Preserve and in Carmel Highlands. We strive to find unique and one of a kind properties and these often come with lots of complexity. We can say, unequivocally, that Jonathan is the best agent we have ever had the pleasure to work with. Jonathan is not simply an agent. He is a project manager and possesses the knowledge of a property manager, contractor, insurer and financier. We needed every aspect of Jonathan’s skill set to get done what we wanted. To give a sense for all that Jonathan did for us, I’ll provide a few details on our most recent project. We found a home on Zillow and contacted Jonathan for help. We ended up bidding on the property with Jonathan’s help and ended up walking away when the price got silly. We then investigated another piece of raw land which included Jonathan cajoling the seller at their own expense to commission a geotech report and survey and inviting three architects to provide some vision of what was possible on the land. This project ultimately had a degree of difficulty that we simply were not willing to take on. We then asked Jonathan to help us find a home with very specific specifications (ocean cliff views) and identified a neighborhood with some potential candidates. Jonathan prepared a package about us and distributed it to all of the homeowners in the neighborhood and we found two willing sellers. After reviewing their homes, we decided that neither fit the spec. You would think that Jonathan would have had enough of us by then, but he kept plugging along undeterred and committed to finding us our perfect property. A month went by and Jonathan was contacted by another owner in the neighborhood who was contemplating selling. Jonathan checked out the property and rang the five alarm fire bell and insisted we drive down from Tahoe immediately to check out the property. He was 100% correct. This was the spec of our dream home. I’ll spare you the complexity of the fact the home is sitting on top of a cave and that we had multiple rounds with geologists, geotechs and contractors to evaluate the potential coastal risk, along with what the coastal commission might allow. We also discovered that the 43 yr old living roof had to be completely replaced and Jonathan dipped into his deep well of vendors to get us bids on a very unique piece of work. It seems there are no ends to Jonathan’s contacts in the Monterey Peninsula. There isn’t a problem Jonathan can’t solve. We can say with complete certainty that we would never have been able to find, evaluate, negotiate and close on our dream home without Jonathan’s help and persistence. As a big bonus, through the process we developed a deep friendship and we look forward to remaining close for years to come. We are eternally grateful for Jonathan’s great business sense, contacts, wisdom and friendship.

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