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Dave and Stephanie Gardner

Jonathan is a fantastic agent! He was very patient with us and never made us feel rushed or pressured. He paid attention to the things we liked and did not like and was really aware of the features we valued when looking for a house. He was quick to make us aware of unusual opportunities and was well connected to know in a timely manner when they were available.

Jonathan is completely on top of things. Any question or concern received an immediate response. We never had to remind him of things, and it was him that had to remind us when paperwork was due. He went out of his way to make things easy for us and make the closing process smooth. He was always there to help explain things.

Jonathan also did many things other realtors have never done for us, going way beyond to help us get acquainted with repairmen, contractors and specialty inspectors to make sure we were comfortable with our purchase.

Jonathan’s help did not end with the close and he was always available for further questions after we already had the keys to the house.

We would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone, and feel assured that they would have a great experience working with him and benefitting from his wonderful expertise!

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